DIY: Storing Comics in Old File Cabinet

I have been trying to figure out a better way to store my comics besides those ugly long boxes that have to hide in the closet. I thought a file cabinet would be cool, but they aren’t really the right dimensions for storing a row of books. I saw a couple things online about either using a legal paper file cabinet and storing two rows, or sort of criss-crossing books. I didn’t have a legal paper cabinet available and I didn’t really like the criss-cross idea, so I decided to just kinda do my own thing. This is the result. It’s super simple and basic, but I couldn’t find anywhere online where anyone was showing how to do it, so I am filling that gap. Hope this helps!

So I had this old file cabinet that I was given. They are pretty easy to come across either free or really cheap on craigslist.


But, as you can see, the problem with a file cabinet is that it is a little wide for comics:


So I just grabbed an old box and cut out some pieces to make an insert. The dimensions are below the image.


  • Long pieces are as long as your file cabinet, and are about 5 1/2″ tall. They are each cut with a notch on both sides. The notches should be approximately 2″ from the ends and as all the notches will be, about 1/8″ thick. I cut the notches about 3″ deep.
  • End pieces should be 16″ wide (if your cabinet is the same 12″ width as mine) and about 9″ tall. To fit your comics nice and snug, the end pieces should have the notches cut from center about 3 7/8″ on each side, for a total width of 7 3/4″ (you can check the math, I think it’s right!). Each end piece should have 2 inches folded over on both sides. so that the total width is now 12″ like the file cabinet! I cut these about 2″ deep

Then you put them together and this is what you get:



Now, I had originally just stuck these in the filing cabinet as is, but, like all good projects, I couldn’t just leave it alone, so I decided to add a “book end” to keep the books from sliding if the row wasn’t full. I had to take everything out to do this, so if you think you want something like this, probably do it now, before you get everything put together!

The piece is pretty simple.


It’s about 12″ wide and 9″ tall. The notches are the same width as the end pieces, 3 7/8″ from the middle to each side. The only reason this has the circles cut into it, is because I was using a banana box, they don’t really serve any purpose! The notches are about 6 1/2″ deep to the bottom of the circles, and as above, they are about 1/8″ thick. Like I said, simple.

Then attach the book end from underneath:


And you can now put the whole thing in your file cabinet:

P1060908_smallThe back of the cabinet is actually movable so if your long pieces are a little short you can tighten it right to them.

Now put your books in:


And then tighten the book end:


And there you have it!

I even added little labels to indicate which books were in which drawer:


To make this cabinet EVEN cooler, I have a very cool project in mind that I hope to share soon!


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