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Read and Learn Bible

Read and Learn BibleRead and Learn Bible
By The American Bible Society
Illustrated by Duendes Del Sur

Synopsis: This is a series of Bible stories, put in canonical order, that uses the CEV paraphrased translation and has color illustrations on each page. It contains most major stories from Creation and the Fall, to Noah, Moses, David, Daniel and Esther, to Jesus’ birth, death, and resurrection, and even a brief explanation of Revelation and a lot of stuff in-between (over 500 pages worth of stuff!). It also contains a parents section in the back which helps apply the Bible stories to things like serving and loving others, sharing the good news, trusting God and several other topics.

My Opinion: OK, so this books is a little odd for this blog, and I haven’t read it yet, but I still wanted to let people know about it. We just got this to read with our kids (they are one, two and three) during our little devotional time we do at night. It has lots of great illustrations and is translated into something that is understandable and appropriate for young kids. It also has helps for parents in the back which are always good. It gives some tips on how to apply the Bible stories and teach things like sharing and loving others and trusting God. We have been trying to teach our kids Bible stories on our own and sometimes it is hard to come up with something they understand and isn’t too scary or confusing for them. Now we have the help of the American Bible Society. Thanks American Bible Society! Anyway, if you have young kids, or if you know someone with young kids, this would make a great gift and teaching aid to help them start to get acquainted with the God of the Bible.

FYI: The CEV translation is the only Bible to win the Plain English Society Crystal Award for crystal clear English.

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