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By Mira Grant

Synopsis: This book takes place twenty something years after the beginning of a zombie “Rising.” The zombies are still around but some semblance of normality has returned. People can come and go, assuming they have proper hazard clearance for the area they are attempting to enter, and are willing to be subjected to several blood tests to confirm they were not infected while out and about. In this new world bloggers are trusted over traditional media to bring the legitimate news. To get on-board with this trend presidential candidate, Senator Ryman, hires a three part team of young bloggers led by the smart and sarcastic Georgia Mason, who, above all else, wants to find and expose the truth. Their job is to follow and report on his campaign. Everything goes well until people start dying in what first appear to be accidents, but are discovered by the bloggers to be intentional acts of terrorism. Georgia and her team end up in danger as they uncover the truth about what is going on and who is responsible.

My Opinion: I like zombie novels that aren’t really about zombies. What I mean by that is that I like stories about other things (l0ve, friendship, espionage, power-struggles …) that use zombies as a backdrop, or environmental element, to their story. Feed is that kind of story. Because the story is set a while after the initial “Rising,” zombies have become just another hazard of life. They are obviously a very dangerous and civilization changing hazard, but life has gone on since the dead started to rise. Feed is more a story about politics and media and friendship and truth than it is about zombies. Zombies (and the infectious virus) just make a really nice backdrop for the story. The main characters are believable and you end up really liking them and rooting for them. Toward the end of the book the story was so intense that I couldn’t read fast enough. I think that is a good sign that I was into the book at that point! I liked the characters, the plot, the dialogue, and the underlying messages about truth and control and oppression and fear. It was a really good, easy, read. Not too gory or disturbing (not that I consider those to be bad things), definitely a good book to help step into the zombie genre.

FYI: The second installment in this trilogy is titled Deadline, but as far as I know there is no third book yet.

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