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Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter

Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter
By Seth Grahame-Smith

Synopsis: The author is given a collection of Abraham Lincoln’s journals and letters which contain a look into his secret life as a vampire hunter. The life of Abraham Lincoln is retold with this new information and we see for the first time how vampires played a role in slavery, the Civil War, the death of many of Abraham’s loved ones, Abraham’s assassination, and the shaping of one of the most important people in American history.

My Opinion: I like Seth Grahame-Smith and he did not disappoint me with Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter. It was funny, but it was also surprisingly engrossing. The humor of the concept could have easily worn thin, but the book is interesting and suspenseful and at times I caught myself taking it WAY too seriously. You will be surprised how much you actually learn about Abraham Lincoln’s life in this book. I liked it a lot.

FYI: Seth used The Lincoln Log as a major source for historical information about Abraham Lincoln.

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