Click on a series below to see what I have:

Bedlam: A new series from Image. So far it seems to be about a reformed(?) serial killer trying to help the police find an active serial killer. It’s pretty dark, and the artwork is cool!

TMNT Vol 1: This is the original series started in 1984 by Kevin Eastman and Peter Laird. This series is, by far, the most prized of my collection.

TMNT (IDW): This is the new series started in 2011 and currently running. Very reminiscent of the original 84 series, with artwork from Kevin Eastman, the same title logo and all!

Tranfusion: An IDW series with amazing artwork. This is about vampires and robots that both need human blood to survive, and the only problem is that there aren’t many humans left to fuel either.

The Walking Dead: Heard of it? I thought so. They said the age of B&W comics was over, then there was The Walking Dead.


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